"Malcolm Mills. If it were possible, I'd have a rider in every adaptation that he gets to play one of the villains."
Laird Barron, three-time Shirley Jackson award-winning author of Blood Standard and Occultationon Twitter re: They Remain (2018), feature film based on his novella "--30--"
"The performances in Mama’s Boy are killer, but the film wouldn’t have been the same without Malcolm Mills. If I could nominate or give an Oscar to him for best performance of the 2018, I would. Mills gives all of himself to the role, emotionally and physically. I would compare his work to the outstanding performance given by A Quiet Place‘s Emily Blunt and Hereditary‘s Toni Collette. Yes, it was really that good. Raw, emotional, and heartbreaking."
    - Tori Danielle, PopHorror, reviewing Samantha Kolesnik's Mama's Boy (2018)
"Mills is a revelation in the role of Joshua turning what could have been a caricature into a believable, sympathetic young man. His every action seems to be a plea for connection combined with the revulsion of the only kind of love he knows."
    - Waylon Jordan, iHorror.com, reviewing Samantha Kolesnik's Mama's Boy (2018)
"Mills’ performance in such a short film is phenomenal. I have seen bigger named actors do mediocre jobs in films and not touch on the talent and raw emotion that he puts out in this."
    - D. D. Crowley, 1428 Elm.com, reviewing Samantha Kolesnik's Mama's Boy (2018)
"Joshua (Malcolm Mills) definitely deserves a healthy round of applause. He monologues throughout most of the film and his acting is undoubtedly the cornerstone of the short."
 - Wormwood, Nevermore Horror, reviewing Samantha Kolesnik's Mama's Boy (2018)
"Mills has a standout performance in this film as he goes from the innocent boy next door to a heartless mobster... Mills handily shows us the spectrum of characters he is able to portray with uncanny believability.  " - Pamela Powell, Reel Honest Reviews, on Career Opportunities in Organized Crime (2016)
"Mills' beguiling presence onstage and mental presence in the writing is a world that you could live in forever... a young Pinter with a broader sense of humor." - Guy Yedwab of "Culture Future" on Shakespeare the Dead (Pipeline Theatre, '10) 
"An intersection of Kafkaesque paranoia, old-movie whimsy (and the best satires of it)... Writer Alex Mills (who also plays the Stranger) is adept at gently breaking some rules of narrative structure while adhering to others." - Clinton Orman or NYTheater.com on Shakespeare the Dead (Pipeline Theatre, 2010)
Malcolm Mills as Joshua in Samantha Kolesnik's  Mama's Boy (2018)

Malcolm Mills as Joshua in Samantha Kolesnik's Mama's Boy (2018)